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Device Data Delivered

Connected cars, garage door openers, blenders, microwaves, airplanes, smart devices, and medical equipment are just a small sampling of the new wave of devices forming the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT devices produce massive amounts of data about everything from how they're used to when they're about to break; Buddy makes it easy to access the data produced by any Internet-connected device. This demo is an example of how Buddy can help you make use of device data in your business.

Welcome to the Buddy Device Simulator

Our example demonstrates a generic customer service tool for IoT devices that allows your support staff to view and troubleshoot a customer's device.

To get started, enter the URL below into your mobile device web browser. This URL launches the Buddy Device Simulator, which sends the information you see on your phone back to our database through our telemetry system.

The simulator sends us your device location, compass reading, and information from the "User Setting" slider and "Report Error" toggle. "Report Error" simulates sending an error code along with the telemetry while "User Setting" mimics an arbitrary setting that the device owner can set.

Once you have the simluator running on your mobile device use the tabs above to check out a live dashboard and see how we implement this project.

Visualize Your Data in Real Time

Device data has different uses for different parts of your organization; Buddy unlocks that data by integrating with many different types of visualization tools. Here, we demonstrate the data gathered from this demo in a simple dashboard showing the various settings we've created for our demo. Every 30 seconds the widgets on this dashboard update to show you how every connected device is interacting with the demo.

About a minute after you launch the Buddy Device Simulator you'll see the Current Users widget change. You started streaming data the moment you connected your phone to our simulator! At the end of every hour, the "Total Devices Seen" number will update to reflect your device in the total (assuming it wasn't there before, each device is unique). Our map displays the location of all users over the past three days, you might even be able to find your own dot!

A Customer Service Scenario

Our example demonstrates a generic customer service tool for IoT devices that enables your support staff to view and troubleshoot a customer's device. This is only a tiny sample of some of Buddy's out of the box capabilities; Buddy can be integrated with any customer service or other backend system.

For the example below, imagine the following scenario:

A customer owns a widget that isn't functioning properly. The customer calls the vendor's support hotline...

  • Support Agent: Hi, thanks for calling what seems to be the problem?
  • Customer: Hi, my widget isn't working right, the compass isn't reading correctly. It seems to be stuck pointing to one side of the widget.
  • Support Agent: OK, sure, can you look at the bottom of the device and read me your serial number?
  • Customer: Yeah, it's WX2V.
  • Support Agent: Thank you, just a moment while I look it up. Everything looks fine on our end, no error codes. The compass is there to help align your widget, try turning your device 90 degrees.
  • Customer: Oh, OK, I get it. Thanks!

Enter the serial number found at the bottom of your Buddy Device Simulator, into the field below, and press "Load".

Keep using the Buddy Device Simulator! This data will refresh automatically (~10s delay on changes).

Device Details

Device ID:

Device Model:

Recent Device Data

It's Easy to Send Data to Buddy

Here's a peek at the code in the Buddy Device Simulator that initializes the Buddy SDK and sends the data over: just two REST calls!